PUNJAB SOLAR POWER company that has a vision of using renewable energy technology for generating Solar Power in India for both commercial and residential purpose. Our products are commercialized at both national and international level. we work with a mission of making affordable solar systems and solar panel in India. We work hard so that our Mother Earth can have a better and green future.

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We, at Punjab Solar Power Development Pvt.Ltd, are recognized as a reliable , supplier, importer and exporter of solar energy products. A specialist in this domain, we are amongst the pioneers Solar Water Heaters. These products are based on latest technology and are known for their higher efficiency and greater affordability. Our "King Sun" Solar Water Heaters are also recognized and approved by “The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Sources" (MNRE). Our inception began in the year 2011 and today we have established our presence across the globe.

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The extensive range of solar products that we manufacture, import and export are at par with the international quality standards. These energy products work with the use of the solar energy and deliver optimum output to our clients. From different lighting systems, cookers, toys and various other, our range of solar products are being extensively used in various sectors like:

  • Domestic lighting
  • Gardens & Outdoor Lighting
  • Commercial & industrial lighting
  • Roads or highways
  • Kitchen
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Power deficient areas
  • Picnics or excursions and many other applications


Photovoltaic tiles take the place of ordinary roof tiles and can be perfectly blended to fit the look of the outside of your house. Solar Energy has several advantages to the evironment since it is clean, renewable (unlike gas, oil and coal) and sustainable. Governments are beginning to offer grants to assist in paying for photovoltaic roof tiles, which should help making solar power more widely available in the near future.

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a future in which all power is supplied by the sun


I amazed to see how solar products are beneficial for us and I've already saved money on my electric bill by using solar product.

G.P Shrestha

The installers were great. Very professional, efficient, cognizant and careful. I like all the solar products served Punjab Solar Power.

Ramesh Kumar

I am very thankful to Punjab Solar Power.From start to finish Punjab Solar Power provides service of installation of solar panels. Moreover, I am used solar water heating system which help me alot to control my exceptional expenses.

Dapinder Singh

All the products served by punjab solar are amazing which helps to control your utility bills and they have a great team for installation of solar systems.

Arpan Singh